Effective collaboration between all disciplines of the company is essential to the success of Burnett’s endeavors in the oil and gas industry.  By utilizing new technology and developing best practices to support the decision making process throughout our operation, we are able to achieve operational excellence.   Having dynamic staff at all levels, is important to Burnett’s success.   By focusing on building expertise in-house, we guarantee the company is well positioned as we look to the future.


At Burnett Oil, our team possesses the specialized industry knowledge and dedication to accuracy requisite for successful accounting in the complex environment of oil and gas exploration and production.

Utilizing innovative software products, while maintaining a hands-on, people-driven approach allows Burnett Oil the flexibility to adapt to complex deal structures that do not fit easily into a standard template.

We pride ourselves on our absolute commitment to operating in a highly ethical manner.

Engineering and Field Management Teams

The Burnett Field Management Teams create maximum value by optimizing well performance and managing costs. Achieving excellence in the areas of drilling, completions and production is a core function of the engineering team. Coupled with a highly experienced field operations group, the integrated team has a proven track record of delivering superior results.

Our engineers’ knowledge of the various basins in our areas of operation gives them the insight needed to develop best practices based on years of managing successful projects. From drilling vertical and horizontal wells to using the latest completion practices, particularly hydraulic fracturing and enhanced recovery processes, our engineering team is well positioned to maximize value in our legacy assets as well as to help create new opportunities.

The breadth of the field operation, from Lease Operators to Senior Level Foreman/Supervisors, ranges from a few months to almost 40 years.  Experienced personnel are in place at all levels to provide mentoring and on the job training while overseeing complex well work and highly integrated operations. Modern technology is incorporated into all levels of the operation, and SAFETY FIRST remains priority number one.

In addition to the Fort Worth Headquarters, we have satellite offices in Midland, Texas and Canonsburg, Pennsylvania and field operation offices in Loco Hills, New Mexico, Monahans, Texas and Paducah, Texas.


Part of the success of Burnett Oil is attributable to our knowledgeable team of geologists and geophysicts.

By utilizing new, state of the art technology for interpretation of 3D data in combination with subsurface mapping, core analysis and other geological data, the team is able to provide valuable documentation to ensure successful decision making in the exploration effort.

The latest interpretation software programs like SMT, Petra, Geographix and Prizm are invaluable tools when analyzing and evaluating both internal and external drilling opportunities.


The Burnett Oil Land Department staff is comprised of knowledgeable and dedicated landmen and support personnel with experience in all types of land related issues as they apply to most of the oil and gas producing provinces in the continental United States.

We strive to provide prompt and courteous responses to questions from our royalty and working interest owners and apply our broad based experience in organizational and problem solving abilities to support the geological, engineering and accounting disciplines of the company.

The Land Department is instrumental in establishing new relationships with other companies, and seeks out and negotiates joint venture opportunities for both internally generated oil and gas projects and submittals from outside parties.  We are always seeking new investment opportunities and encourage companies and individuals to submit prospects and ideas that are both exploration and exploitation in nature.